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Bring engineering and analysis to the point of the problem with Air iTools, a mobile
engineering application for calculate air density in the field, office or classroom. Unlike the
traditional approach of using paper, pencil, calculator and tables to determine the air density
for a dry and moist air, Air iTools does the atmosferic and compressed air calculations for
you right on your mobile device, enabling you to quickly and easily calculate the air density
any time in our project or work.

✓ Fast — Real-time solving capabilities and immediate calculation results (web free).
✓ Easy — Intuitive interface, friendly and clean. One touch optional calculations and data fields.
✓ Complete — Density of air for industrial conditions. Accurate density for the range of
atmospheric dry air and moist air. Ideal gas and van der Waals gas (air only).
✓ Evolutionary — More options of density of air calculations and other thermodynamics
proprieties of air; setting variables and export values in next versions.

The Air iTools engineering app is perfect for calculate air density:

• Density of air with compressibility correction factor Z in a useful range of data.
• Side by side Ideal gas and Z data corrected.
• Density of air for atmospheric range with dry and moist air, precise calculations used in gravimetric analysis.
• Results for density of dry and moist air, selected in one touch.
• Humidity or dew-point Temperature for atmospheric air density, selected in one touch.
• Density of air using van der Waals Equation of State and van der Waals Z factor result.
• Four standards conditions avaliables in two touchs.
• Polynomial interpolation of the values ​​of the compressibility factor Z.
• Algebraic solutions of the van der Waals EOS with method of Cardano.
• Implements the CIPM 2007 recommended equation for atmospheric range with dry and moist air.

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  • Versão: 1.2
  • Tamanho: 24.9 MB
  • OS: Apple iOS
  • Requisitos: Requer o iOS 6.1 ou posterior. Compatível com iPhone, iPad e iPod touch. Este app está otimizado par
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