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Check if your device battery is charging correctly and at the maximum speed!

With this application you can check the battery charging electrical current of your Samsung Galaxy devices.

*Note: please check the compatible devices list below*

Please check the Pro version which also has widget to let you quickly check the charging current, auto-refresh, a dark theme, and no ads!

The application displays three values that will tell you if the device's battery is charging correctly:

- current_now: The theoretical charging current, i.e., the rate at wich the battery *should* be charging (usually 999 on AC and 466 on USB).
- current_avg: Usually is the same as current_max (at least after some seconds).
- current_max: The maximum charging current. In other others, the phone will not get more current to charge the battery than the value displayed here. This is the value that matters most.

Most stock chargers should charge your device's battery at about 1000mA. If you think that your device's battery could be charging slowly, check the current_max value. If it displays a value much lower that 1000, the battery is charging at a lower current than desired.

The application *may* not work on the following devices:
- Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini.
- Sprint devices.
- Verizon S3 devices.
- Any device older than the Samsung Galaxy S3 (Galaxy Note 1, Galaxy S2, ...).

Note: The internet permission is needed for the ads. Please check the Pro version which has no ads and does not need that permission.

Compatibility list:
- Most Galaxy S4 models.
- International Samsung Galaxy S III (GT-I9300 and GT-I9305).
- South Korean Samsung Galaxy S III (SHV-E210K/L/S).
- International Samsung Galaxy Note II (GT-N7105).
- South Korean Samsung Galaxy Note II (SHV-E250S)
- Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note II (SCH-i605).

It may also work on other devices, but such is not guaranteed.

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