* New "building access code" field always updated!
* Never lose your contacts anymore and stay updated
* Broadcast your personal contacts modifications to your contacts
* Keep your privacy by sharing just what you want with the people you know.
* Share contact details within groups (corporate, brands, etc)
* Strict privacy policy: personal informations are yours. We don't have access to them so we can't sell them.

Update your contact details in Sag-A and all your Sag-A* contact list get the instant updates: you take control of your personal details inside your contacts' address book!

Example extra use: you're traveling and need to use a local phone: temporary update your contact details without informing your social network. Always up to date!

Compatible with Apple MobileMe: if you have a MobileMe subscription, you will also have your updated contacts on your computer's address book.

## Only members of Sag-A* benefit from those exclusive features. Tell your friends! ##

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  • Versão: 1.1.4
  • Tamanho: 1.4 MB
  • OS: Apple iOS
  • Requisitos: Requer o iOS 3.0 ou posterior
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